Modeling a small flowchart in MS Excel. Ways to do it?

Answer It might have been better to have all of your questions as separate Yahoo Questions instead of lumped together in one. Because if you need a lot of explanation and examples, there may not be enoug... Read More »

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Modeling ways to take safety precautions?

The court will have to approve of this arrangement.

Have you heard of Modeling Scams I want best Modeling Advice?

Modeling assessments are one of the biggest scams in the industry don't know the company you mention, but there is no reason to pay anything. You can attend o... Read More »

Difference between dimensional modeling and ER modeling?

What Is the Small Green Triangle on MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel has several color coded buttons and triangles that appear to give extra information or let the user know that there is an error in the cell where the button or triangle appears.