Mock Presidential Elections for Schools?

Answer By watching a presidential campaign on television, students can witness the drama and clash of ideas as the field of candidates narrows from primary-election hopefuls to major-party nominees. Your ... Read More »

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Has TV had a positive impact on presidential elections?

Opinions abound on whether or not TV has had a positive impact on presidential elections. While TV has become an integral part of many aspects of U.S. politics, the debate remains relevant.Detract... Read More »

How often are presidential elections in Mexico?

Mexico is a federal republic and holds presidential elections every six years. The Mexican president is elected by a simple majority of voters and cannot be re-elected. Potential candidates have to... Read More »

Why is Iowa important in the presidential elections?

Every four years, America goes to the polls to elect the president of the United States. However, before that happens, there is a separate contest to decide which candidate each party will run. Thi... Read More »

Who has won more presidential elections: Republicans or Democrats?

Candidates identifying themselves as Republicans have won 18 Presidential elections, whereas candidates identifying as members of the Democratic Party have won 14 Presidential elections. However, f... Read More »