Mock Court Ideas?

Answer A mock court is designed to show how fair and unfair trials may turn out as well as teach trial procedure and legal methods to law students and others interested in the legal system. Mock trials ca... Read More »

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Classroom Mock Election Ideas?

Election season is a great time to introduce your history class to political discourse and make the topics of your classroom's texts come alive. You can use a mock election as a means of discussing... Read More »

Mock Congress Bill Ideas?

Writing a bill for a mock Congress is an excellent way to learn about government. Working on your own mock bill will allow you to understand the mechanics of legislating and how to put your proposa... Read More »

Mock Trial Ideas for Ethics?

Ethics is a field of study that seeks to determine the correct way for humans to behave. Since ethics involves human behavior, ethical questions can arise in fields of human endeavor as diverse as ... Read More »

Mock Crime Scene Ideas?

Students interested in criminal justice use mock crime scenes as a learning aid. Teachers setup the scene to closely resemble a realistic crime scene, complete with evidence and a victim. The stude... Read More »