Mobile devices that might replace the smartphone?

Answer No one knows if your actually looking for it please don't ask on yahoo answers

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Is there a company that allows credit card scanner for mobile devices but does not ask for personal info?

No. You must be 18 to collect payments as you are entering into contractual agreements with both the processor as well as the cardholder. They will ask for information such as date of birth, social... Read More »

Is NewTek Lightwave ever going 2 make a mobile version of it as an app for mobile devices such as the iPad 2?

How to Make an iPhone Theme for Any Windows Mobile Smartphone?

Do you have an iPhone? Do you have friends who think they have an iPhone better than yours? Well, you can tell them T-Mobile just came out with their version of The iPhone, and use this page to tri... Read More »

Name some different utilities that might or might not be covered in a person's rent payment How would you know whether these expenses are paid by the landlord or the tenant?

look at the rental contract or lease papers. the utility responsibilities should be listed there. many times garbage, water and sewer are included in rent. typically utilities such as electricity, ... Read More »