Mobile X-ray Scanner?

Answer Unfortunately, dear lady, it looks like a total scam. There's absolutely nothing that you can download to a mobile phone that will allow it to discharge x-rays, or pick them up, so that you can se... Read More »

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What is the best mobile police scanner?

First, you would need to know the frequencies and radio types that your local police use. You can do that at RadioReference online database Here is a page from the Ra... Read More »

Driver for neat mobile scanner?

See if you can sign up and download the Neat Software here else check online driver repositories such as DriverGuide for your driver.

If I have a mobile police scanner app,is it traceable and is this legal?

police radio frequency scanners have been illegal for many years in the UK and much of Europe as well, and to get caught with one, particularly if partaking in a bit of illegal goings on, will get ... Read More »

Is there a company that allows credit card scanner for mobile devices but does not ask for personal info?

No. You must be 18 to collect payments as you are entering into contractual agreements with both the processor as well as the cardholder. They will ask for information such as date of birth, social... Read More »