Mixing naturopathic supplements with my current medications(medical staff please)?

Answer This doesn't sound like fibromyalgia as swelling is not a symptom. Unfortunately this is a common diagnosis doctors give out for the cause of any pain. A good detox will be great for your health bu... Read More »

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Please help..where can I buy iron supplements?

Hi, the best and where my brother usually gets his is from Puritan Pride. They always have a buy one get another free deal. They are usually cheap, one bottle for under $10. My brother is 23, works... Read More »

Can you please congratulate our veggie staff?

Congrats!! Good job all of you. I think it's such a great idea you have, and by getting four stars, you must be doing it very well. I remember you posting a question about vegetarian's sex drive... Read More »

Pre-School staff, could you please help me out?

Your pay cheques should NEVER be late. Sound like you need to find a job at a more reputable organization. Talk about your strengths in the classroom..Do you run a good circle stories w... Read More »

Unusual problem. Please advise. Are there any methods or supplements I can use to DECREASE the size of my...?

I suggest you meet my ex-wife. She will shrink it for you in a heart beat.