Mixing Benzo's with Ecstasy?

Answer Delta, your just plain stupid. Why the **** would you even joke about that, just makes you look like a rude asshole. get a life you ********. Anyway, yes, you can ... but really, they are only good... Read More »

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Would it be dangerous for me to take xanax with ecstasy?

Dont you just love the anti drug people...I have done it, I have taken Xanax AFTER ecstasy a few hours later, as their is an irritating restlessness coming down for me. The drugs you need to concer... Read More »

Experiments with Mixing Oil & Water?

Oil and water are great common household items to use in density experiments. Since oil and water have different densities based on their state of matter, these experiments will highlight this conc... Read More »

Mixing paracetamol with alcohol?

I'm sure your local hospital ICU will appreciate the extra weekend business. It's idiotic decisions like this to destroy one's liver that gives people like me job security.

Mixing prozac with alcohol?

"If you are taking antidepressants, you should talk to your doctor before drinking alcohol. The drug you are taking and your current emotional and physical state should be considered in deciding if... Read More »