Mixing Benzo's with Ecstasy?

Answer Delta, your just plain stupid. Why the **** would you even joke about that, just makes you look like a rude asshole. get a life you ********. Anyway, yes, you can ... but really, they are only good... Read More »

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Does ecstasy expire?

Fitting after ecstasy Help pls!?

Dude, rule number 1 - DON'T MIX PILLS WITH ALCOHOL! - you should be drinking water with them or just not taking them at all.Alcohol can make stuff like MDMA really toxic, if you insist on taking i... Read More »

Ecstasy... how dangerous is it?

I won't go into too much detail, but the major risks associated with MDMA are when you roll too often, or don't stay hydrated. You don't want to roll more often than once every 3-4 weeks minimum. ... Read More »

How many ecstasy pills can I take at once?

Take them all and let's see what happens.