Mixed Media Ideas?

Answer Mixed media is the use of one or more types of artistic media to create one composition. For example, a painting that combines the use of oil with textured art papers incorporates mixed media, and ... Read More »

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What is mixed media art?

The term mixed media means that a variety of methods and materials were used to make one work of art. Collage, assemblage and installation art are all examples of contemporary art practices that us... Read More »

History of Mixed Media Art?

What we know today as mixed media art began in the early twentieth century, when artists seeking an alternative to what they saw as hidebound academicism began including objects and images that wer... Read More »

How to Create Mixed Media?

Mixed media art is a broad categorical term used to encompass numerous art and craft projects. Projects such as sculptures, paintings, collages, 2-D and 3-D assemblages, altered objects and book ma... Read More »

How to Make a Mixed Media Painting?

Make a mixed media painting in 4 simple steps.