Misssing recent places shortcuts?

Answer To display the My Recent Documents folder on the Start menu:Right-click Start, and then click Properties. Or, if the Start menu is already displayed, right-click an empty area of the Start menu, an... Read More »

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How to Use the Report Duplicate Places Feature for the Places Editor App Section of the Facebook Website?

Now that you've decided to Use the Places Editor App on the Facebook Website and now that you've thought about using the Reporting Duplicate Places Feature. Here in this article are the steps to us... Read More »

Do plants need to be by cold places or warm places?

Plants grow a lot better in warm places because this is one of the things that they need to grow. Photosynthesis takes a better effect in warm places so this helps the plants grow.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts speed up computer use, making learning them a worthwhile effort.

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