Mississippi Unemployment Laws?

Answer According to the United States Department Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics office, Mississippi's unemployment rate was 11.5 percent as of April 2010. Unemployment services for the state's displac... Read More »

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Mississippi Probation Laws?

Probation is an option developed in most states as an alternative to incarceration for the commission of certain crimes. Because of the swelling prison populations in most areas, and the inadequat... Read More »

Mississippi Land Laws?

Mississippi Code of 1972 explicitly declares certain land laws including Title 3, State Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Holidays; Title 11, Civil Practice and Procedure; Title 29, Public Lands, Build... Read More »

State DUI Laws in Mississippi?

Mississippi drivers who operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol can face stiff penalties. The state of Mississippi has strict driving under the influence (DUI) laws and those who cho... Read More »

Mississippi Windshield Tint Laws?

Tinted windows are an issue for law enforcement because they reduce visibility for officers looking into a car. This is particularly a safety concern in traffic stops when someone in a car could ha... Read More »