Mississippi Divorce Rules When One Party Refuses the Divorce?

Answer A contested divorce is one in which one party refuses or disagrees with the other's request for a divorce. In Mississippi, court procedures for a divorce sharply differ in contested and non-contest... Read More »

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What happens if a person refuses to sign divorce papers?

On One Hand: Default DivorceFailing to sign divorce papers within the specified time period can result in a default divorce, where the court moves ahead with the divorce proceedings as though both ... Read More »

Do it Yourself Divorce Papers in Mississippi?

Mississippi's family law statutes govern Mississippi divorce actions. The divorce paper required to initiate the proceedings is a "Bill of Complaint of Divorce." The spouse filing the complaint is ... Read More »

Grounds for Divorce in Mississippi?

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. The procedure is somewhat similar in all states, but each state has its own individual requirements. In Mississippi, for example, there are both no... Read More »

Divorce Laws on Cohabitation in Mississippi?

When two people cohabitate for long enough and fulfill other legal requirements, some states will consider those two people to be common law married. Thus, if a cohabitating couple wishes to end th... Read More »