Missionaries and Cannibals, A* and Iterative deepening search?

Answer Google is always your best effort to find something. And there are a few links on the Internet, but not knowing which ones you have already looked at, I am just going to give a few: http://www.cod... Read More »

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What's "semantic gap" in iterative prototyping?

Semantic gap is the different understanding of words between sender & receiver.One reason may be the sender has not encoded the message or receiver does not understand message.

Are we only 20% away from being cannibals?

Interesting point but you are not getting the meaning of cannibalism quite right, it is like eating like. So if you ate your sister that would be 100% as she is human. Now if you ate a chimpanzee... Read More »

Recursive & Iterative Number Pattern Math Activities for 6th Grade?

The study of patterns is a math skill that sixth-grade students can learn through certain activities. Among the types of patterns are recursive and iterative patterns. Shodor describes recursive pa... Read More »

Are there still active cannibals today?

Hey, if you're hungry enough, right? --------------------