Missing NTLDR, press ctrl+alt+del .....?

Answer The best solution is to borrow a Recovery CD from a friend.You can attempt a fix by booting from the ‘Recovery’ CD and following the instructions for ‘Repair’.If and when the repair has fin... Read More »

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Ntldr missing?

How to Troubleshoot NTLDR Is Missing?

Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003 and earlier operating systems require the NTLDR file to boot into the operating system. It is one of three crucial boot files, along with and boot.ini... Read More »

How to Fix a Missing NTLDR on XP With a 98 Disk?

The NTLDR file is part of all NTFS file systems made by Microsoft. The NTLDR file is responsible for loading the operating system at start-up, or loading a option screen for dual start-up computers... Read More »

About Gateway "Ntldr is Missing" Message?

"Ntldr" is short for NT loader, which is the boot loader for Windows NT operating systems, including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. There are a number of problems a computer can have if this e... Read More »