Missing Desktop Icons and Taskbar in Vista & XP?

Answer It is a typical symptom of vundo/virtumonde and similar, the desktop problem is fixed by altering the following registry key (as you cant see the desktop you need to bring up task manager - ctrl+al... Read More »

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Why are some system icons grayed out for my taskbar in Vista?

A common problem in Windows Vista is the absence of system notification icons in the taskbar. Sometimes you can fix this easily, but other times the check box options allowing you to fix it are gra... Read More »

The icons on my desktop is missing can someone help?

What you need to do is locate the *.exe that you want to have an Icon on your desktop for, then you right click that *.EXE and select 'Create Shortcut' this will create a shortcut in the same folde... Read More »

How do I add picture icons to the Vista desktop?

Create a ShortcutLocate the picture you want linked to your computer's desktop. Right-click the image file, and click "Send to." Select "Desktop (create shortcut)" to create a shortcut on your Wind... Read More »

How do I restore& show desktop icons in Vista?

Launch PersonalizationHold down the "Windows" key and press "D." Right-click a blank area on the desktop. Select "Personalize" from the menu.Apply ChangesSelect "Change desktop icons" from the "Tas... Read More »