Miss my family..................Should I stop talking to them?

Answer So you miss being abused and feel guilty because you will do not want to send your mom a bday card. You have a counselor at your school that you can talk to. All schools have them.It is hard to ima... Read More »

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Why do people ignore me while I'm talking to them?

Well, Some people ignore /me/ because I'm quite annoying and I irritate quite a few people.

How to Attract Girls Without Talking to Them?

Your voice is changing or you just can't talk to the girl of your dreams eve though they are standing 3 feet in front of you. Here's a simple and easy way to attract girls without talking.

How to Get Someone to Like You Without Ever Talking to Them?

Does talking to plants make them grow faster?

[1] As with the case of plant responses to different types of music being played, there's no definitive answer to whether plants grow faster because they're being talked to. [2] The idea appears to... Read More »