Miskito Bites there really itchy help?

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Why are flea/mosquito bites really itchy?

I dont know.. but i have mosquitos bites all over me..i dont even know when they bite.. and all of a sudden they itch.. i take benadryl to stop the itching... i hear u can buy benadryl in a cream ... Read More »

Why do my mosquito bites only get itchy at night?

Are you sure they are mosquito bites? This is the hallmark sign of scabies mites -- they usually do not itch much during the day, but they start to itch intensely during the night, as it approache... Read More »

What is red itchy burning rash that looked like bug bites at first then spreads?

it might be chiggers. They are little microscopic bugs that go in your skin and lay eggs. Don't worry you cant die. i would just a doctor to give special ointment. or its just poison oak, ivy or su... Read More »

Now that I have been devoured by mosquitos, what is the best way to treat very raised very itchy bites?

Household Items:Rub a bar of soap over the itch.Place a piece of scotch tape on the bite.Hot water: Take a hot shower, or a hot bath, or apply a hot compress.Ice cube, ice pack or very cold waterDa... Read More »