Mirar program on my computer?

Answer Almost everything that is within the Control Panel is tied to a file that has the .CPL file extension. So a quick search of all .CPL files will probably show you where that particular one is. The... Read More »

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I've removed a program(via add/remove): if now restore computer to prior date, will program be re-added?

The restore point only saves the state of the machine. It does not save applications or specific documents. ... once it's gone, it's gone. (unless you use some serious whiz-bang tools to recover th... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Mirar?

Mirar is an Internet Explorer toolbar that can become installed on a computer without a user's consent or knowledge. It is an advertising-supported program that may interfere with Internet connecti... Read More »

What's a good computer programming computer tutoring program i can download?

You can start learning C++ with these video tutorials:…They are perfect for beginners. This one can get you started by showing you how to install a free co... Read More »

What is mirar?

Mirar is an adware program that allows ads to pop up on a computer. The program analyzes the search history and shows ads that relate to these searches. It sneakily installs itself into tool bars o... Read More »