Minor children stayiing overnight with dad and girlfriend?

Answer It would be a long drawn out battle if you didnt come to an agreement but it can be done. I had in my divorce there will be no over nights until either one of us was in a relationship for a year. T... Read More »

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At what age may minor children be left alone overnight in Florida?

Answerthe age for an older child to watch younger children in Florida is 13, but that also depends on how mature and respondsible the 13 year old is, generally it is up to the parent of the child, ... Read More »

What age can minor children be left alone overnight in Pennsylvania?

Does the non-custodial parent have to provide the children with a bed for overnight visits?

Answer Every parent mustprovide children with a place to sleep for 8 continuous hours that is clean and suitable for sleeping. They don't have to have a bed per say, but a sofa for older children ... Read More »

Can a mother who is a minor move with her 9 mos old child to another state with her parent without her child's fathers consent who is also a minor?

Answer If you are a minor you pretty much have to go with your parent if they move. You don't need permission from your child's father, although he might get angry and try to take you to court ove... Read More »