Minolta x-370 mirror lock?

Answer First, the Minolta X-370 doesn't have a mirror lock-up feature.What is likely causing your problem is a deteriorated mirror "bumper" which has become sticky enough to hold the mirror in the up posi... Read More »

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Can a Minolta AF 70-210 Zoom lens work on a Minolta digital camera?

Can you use a minolta auto focus lens on a minolta manual focus camera?

No.Wrong flange depth (so even adapted, no infinity focus)No focus control (as you would expect on an MF body)and no aperture control.I'm not sure if the MAF lenses rest with the aperture closed or... Read More »

Is there an adapter to mount an old minolta lens to a new Sony/Minolta mount?

Yes. I found one at…

What do you use to remove rear view mirror glue from the metal slide and the mirror base?

Answer Clean mirror base Place a piece of emery paper on a hard flat surface and rub the mirror base base across the surface