Minnesota Perennial Flowers?

Answer Because Minnesota has such extreme winters, gardeners often grow herbaceous perennials--those that die every fall and return in the spring. Native perennials are an excellent choice for such extrem... Read More »

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Perennial Flowers for Iowa?

Perennials are the backbone of the garden. These plants return year after year, filling your garden with color. The most important step toward a healthy garden is to select those plants that will s... Read More »

Perennial Aster Flowers?

With their bright colors and long bloom time, asters, also known as Michaelmas daisy, starwort, and frost flower, are popular perennial garden choices. Though they look like daisies, asters are act... Read More »

Where do the perennial boronia flowers come from?

Endowed with delicate purple flowers and a lemony scent, boronia flowers are native to Australia. They were named after Francesco Borone who died in 1794 while collecting them for botanist John Sib... Read More »

How do I plant perennial flowers?

Break Up the Root BallHold the pot upside down and tap it to loosen the plant out. Take a knife and cut off the bottom fourth of the roots. Using your fingers, break up the root ball to loosen the ... Read More »