Answer Thanks for asking about the Twin Cities! Yea...we're usually considered "fly over country" but it's their loss.Here's a link to the best free weekly newspaper in town called CITY PAGES. In the link... Read More »

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How far is the LDS Minneapolis Temple from the Minneapolis Airport?

If traveling by I-94 East, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is approximately 17.4 miles southeast of the Church of Latter Day Saints Minneapolis Temple. By I-494 East, the trip is roughly... Read More »

What is the latitude of Minneapolis?

The latitude of Minneapolis, Minnesota is 44.83 degrees North, while the longitude is 93.7 degrees West. Incorporated on March 1, 1856, the city had a population of more than 382,000 residents as o... Read More »

Would it look especially odd if I went to "The Local" in Minneapolis by myself?

no it's not odd at all.i often dine at restaurants by myself and i see so many other guys or ladies that are also dining alone.they are normally doin something on their laptops or ipads or whatever... Read More »

What Colleges Are in Minneapolis?

Minneapolis in Minnesota is a student-friendly, inexpensive and ecology-conscious Midwestern city with a low crime rate and plentiful broadband Internet access. Students in Minneapolis choose from ... Read More »