Mink Coat Colors?

Answer Mink furs come in a spectrum of colors, including white, pearl, sapphire and scanblack, for a total of 17 different colors, according to the Fur Commission USA. When farmers breed mink for colors o... Read More »

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How Do I Care for a Mink Coat?

With proper care, a high-quality mink coat can retain its luxurious beauty for many years. Most aspects of caring for mink fur coats are common sense, but such coats do require more care and attent... Read More »

What is a mink coat made from?

Mink coats are made out of the fur of American or European mink, a small weasel-like animal that is part of the rodent family. Many fashion designers have used the soft, glossy brown fur for clothi... Read More »

Can you tailor a mink coat?

Tailoring any fur garment is best left to professionals. Mink coats contain multiple pelts, requiring special cutting and sewing techniques. Experienced seamstresses, familiar with napped fabrics a... Read More »

How to Fluff a Mink Coat?

Wearing a mink coat is one way to project a personal fashion statement, however, when the fur of your mink coat becomes crushed or matted, you lose the impact of the look you're going for. Rather t... Read More »