Minimum time for give birth to second child?

Answer dont fornicate. wait 6 weeks. your stuff will fall out.

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What is the minimum age of a lady who can birth a child?

Anyone who has a menstrual cycle and is ovulating is capable of giving birth. The youngest person ever to give birth was a 5 year old girl from Peru.

Can a mother in Tenn. give up her legal rights to a child at time of birth to a relative without going to court or contacting a judge and how long does she have to change mind if she wants it back?

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How to Give Birth to a Child?

The birth of your child is difficult but extremely rewarding. No two labors are the same so play by play instructions are out of the question, however most labors progress in a similar way and ther... Read More »

Did Oprah Winfrey give birth to a child?

Oprah has never had any children. So, no she did not :)Actually Oprah did give birth to a child at the age of 14 a boy that died in infancyGo to wikipedia and type in Oprah Winfrey it will say there