Minimum Requirements for Verizon Dial-Up?

Answer Dial-up Internet is notorious for its slow speed. However, it is available in most parts of the country and is cost-effective because it uses your existing phone line. Dial-up may be a good choice ... Read More »

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How to Get Dial-Up With Verizon?

Having access to the Internet at home is convenient for people who need consistent access to email, messaging, online shopping and many other web resources. While broadband Internet access such as ... Read More »

How to Tether With Verizon Dial Up?

The ability to tether your Verizon phone allows you to connect to the Internet on your laptop anywhere you get a signal for your phone. Tethering is connecting your phone to your computer, then usi... Read More »

What number do I dial to get my Verizon voice mail?

To access Verizon's voice mail system from your own mobile phone, press 1. The automated system will request a password followed by the pound sign. To access that voice mail from any other phone, l... Read More »

Minimum System Requirements for IE 8?

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is a Web browser for Windows computers available in more than 25 languages. According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 8 contains better security and improved speed com... Read More »