Mineral used to make baby powder?

Answer Talc.

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Why Is Talc Used to Make Baby Powder?

Talc is a soft rock composed of silicon, magnesium and oxygen. Mined throughout the world, talc is used in everything from lipstick to paper to rubber manufacturing. When making baby powder, talc i... Read More »

What mineral makes up baby powder?

Well it's also called TALCum powder, so maybe that will help. Now try to do your own earth science homework. lol

How to Make Mineral Powder Foundation?

Mineral powder foundation has become one of the most popular make-up choices for women who have sensitive skin. Mineral foundation, a powder made of finely ground loose minerals "buffed" onto facia... Read More »

Is loose powder used to set make up similar to finshing powder?

What you're using is just fine :). Finishing powder is used to set a creamy face product like your bb cream. It usually comes in a loose form and a pressed form. Loose powder is finely milled whic... Read More »