Mineral Oil Effects on Skin?

Answer One of the most commonly used ingredients in lotions and skin-care products is mineral oil. This lightweight, inexpensive oil is odorless and tasteless. The most common cosmetic use of this oil is ... Read More »

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Negative Effects of Mineral Oil in Skin Care?

Mineral oil is an ingredient that is commonly found in cosmetics and skincare creams. This clear, odorless oil never spoils and is inexpensive to acquire. As such, many commercial manufacturers pre... Read More »

Glow Vs. Mineral Effects?

Mineral makeup is a type of cosmetic that aims to enhance natural beauty while providing a dose of healthy minerals to improve skin quality and appearance. GloMinerals and Mineral FX are two popula... Read More »

Effects of Mineral Makeup on Health?

When it was introduced several years ago, mineral makeup quickly earned a reputation as being the best foundation for your skin and your complexion. Several cosmetics companies have since created t... Read More »

Adverse Effects of Mineral Oil Eye Makeup Remover?

Mineral oil is an ingredient used in some eye makeup removers. It is a petrochemical, meaning it is an unscented liquid derived from crude oil or natural gas. There is much debate from skin care ex... Read More »