"Miner VGA" Cheats?

Answer "MinerVGA" is a computer game, originally released in 1989 exclusively for personal computers. You play as man who has just paid for the rights to a mine his town. The objective is to win the hand... Read More »

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Miner Tools?

Mining is the collection of processes used to collect, extract and refine precious material from the Earth. Modern tools build on early mining methods and principles. Modern equipment often utilize... Read More »

How to Look Like a Gold Miner?

The year 1848 brought many visitors to California. However, the visitors were not in California to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Each male, female and child came to strike gold hidden in the mountains a... Read More »

What is a description of a coal miner's job?

Coal miners use heavy tools and equipment such as shears and plows to create tunnels and gain access to coal seams and reserves underground. They also install roof supports in these tunnels for sta... Read More »

How to Prepare Miner's Lettuce?

Claytonia perfoliata, commonly known as miner's lettuce, is a wild edible green native to California, and found through most of the West Coast. Its name derives from its use during the Gold Rush da... Read More »