Minecraft Tekkit Server Troubles- How do i turn the server off?

Answer have you tries the stop command

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Minecraft server, friends can't reach server.?

You need to put good detail what you need help with. I have helped 34 people set up a minecraft server. If you have a skype add me lettucelad and ill share your screen and ill give you all the in... Read More »

Tekkit server download help?

It's just a bit more involved than just downloading the Tekkit Server software.Here is a Youtube video which will walk you through what you need to do!…Goo... Read More »

Tekkit Server how to work?

You also need to forward your ports. Just search up what type of router you use, and then how to port forward. Then I'd uninstall Norton because it's actually really bad, then get Malwarebytes.

I get force closed out of my own tekkit server?

Report this problem to gaming service to get things fixed.