Milky Tea - before or after?

Answer Before! Otherwise how do you really know how strong the tea is?! Oh, you can guess, but this can lead to tea disasters ...There have been too many occasions when I have had a cup of insipid tea-fla... Read More »

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What does Milky Way mean?

The Milky Way is a galaxy that consists of gas, dust and over 400 billion stars. The Earth lies in the Milky Way galaxy. Milky Way is also the name of a candy bar made with chocolate, nougat and ca... Read More »

How big is a Milky Way bar?

The classic Milky Way candy bar, introduced in 1923 by Mars, Inc., is 2.05 ounces, or 58.12 grams. Milky Way bars also come in other sizes, including king, minis and fun size.References:Milky Way ... Read More »

What does it mean when someone says they are going to milky way?   ....ummm haha, yeeeeah

Does anyone know where to buy milky bar ice-cream?

It's available in UK at Tesco supermarkets...