Milk- Hood vs Store Brand?

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What Brand of milk has no.....?

you should check out and if you haven't already. they might be able to lead you to your local raw dairy. contact your local weston a price "chapter"

What is your favourite brand and flavour soy milk?

I like chocolate Silk. mmmmmmmmmm nummyness.

What brand of milk has lactobacilli acidophilus?

Answer Knudsen sells a 2% milk labeled "sweet acidophilus." Other fat-content levels might also be available from that label. The product is available at Albertson's groceries in Southern Californi... Read More »

How to Store Your Expressed Breast Milk?

If you're breastfeeding your baby, and you can't always be there to feed the baby, you can store your breast milk for future use. Here's how.