Military aircraft experts, where is this youtube video desert target range?

Answer Rutan's operations are typically run out of Mojave Air & Space port…If the test aircraft featured is undergoing military testing Edwards AFT is practicall... Read More »

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Youtube experts please chime in: how the f long does it take for a video to show up on you profile after sent?

Oh come on AJ, you know it was some midget I am no expert on this subject but it usually shows up immediately unless they are doing maintenance to the site and then it may take a few minu... Read More »

Where can I find this youtube video?

Where can i find this video from MinnesotaBurns' youtube channel?


What video editing software provides this kind of effect in this YouTube Video?

The intro of the video is a professional job. It's an animated 3D title with spotlights. You could do this with high-end effects software - like Adobe After Effects. Sony Vegas Pro also has 3D a... Read More »