Military Tattoos With Dog Tags?

Answer Dog tags work well as tattoo images from both a practical and creative standpoint. The military uses tattooed dog tags to identify soldiers so horribly disfigured that they can't be identified othe... Read More »

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Are military dog tags buried with the person?

Military dog tags are issued in pairs for identification purposes. One tag is removed from the deceased to officially record his death, and the other tag is left with the body. If the soldier is bu... Read More »

Can you get in the Indian military with tattoos?

It depends on the tattoos and the specific branch of the United States military. If the tattoos can be covered by the uniform, there is generally no issue about them at all. However, obvious tattoo... Read More »

How to Correct Military Dog Tags?

Military dog tags are a required element of military uniforms and consist of two metal chains and two stamped aluminum tags. The aluminum dog tags are stamped with a soldier's name, Social Securit... Read More »

When do I get military ID tags?

Military ID tags, or "dog tags," are made of metal and are designed to be worn by a service member to identify him in case of death. Military ID tags are issued in basic combat training, which is a... Read More »