Military Schools in the 1950s?

Answer To have an understanding of military schools in the 1950s, you must examine them within the context of U.S. history, the Korean War and the social mores of the time. Military schools were, and con... Read More »

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Prep Schools in the 1950s?

"Prep schools" refers to privately funded, college preparatory schools. Some of the top prep schools in the U.S. have been in existence longer than many states. In the 1950s, it was quite a status ... Read More »

British Boarding Schools in the 1950s?

British boarding schools in the 1950s varied in mission and purpose. Some embraced progressive visions of education while others adhered to conventional curricula. Because World War II forced many ... Read More »

The History of Boarding Schools in the 1950s?

The history of American boarding schools in the 1950s was diverse and not always in the student's best interest. This was a time when schools were beginning to accommodate the Baby Boom, a bigger m... Read More »

Types of Military Boarding Schools & Boot Camp Schools?

There are many reasons a parent will enroll his child in a military boarding school or boot camp school. A parent may look for a type of school that will improve his child's behavior, health, outlo... Read More »