Military Police Corps Gifts?

Answer The military police corps is a unique branch of the military that assists in special operations and war manuevers. The U.S. Army Military Police School trains men and women to lead soliders in supp... Read More »

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Does the Marine Corps have military police?

All branches of the armed forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy) have some form of police. Marine's who serve their time as military police officers (MP), are sometimes referred to... Read More »

Do military police officers have military vehicles and weapons?

Yes, military police officers do have military vehicles and military weapons. However what equipment they use depends on what environment they're working in. If working in a normal base environment... Read More »

Do military police officers wear military uniforms?

Yes. It is often symbolized with a MP (Military Police) badge clearly visible.

Personal Gifts for the Police?

If you know someone who is a police officer, you might want to give him or her a gift that reflects your appreciation on the days when law enforcement duties are especially difficult. One way to do... Read More »