Miley Cyrus.Hot or Not?

Answer not at all

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Miley what what what?

im sooo sick of miley cyrus. shes obviously gonna be the next brittany spears

What do you think about Miley?

I couldn't care less about her. She may not be a good role model but you dissing her doesn't make you a good one, either. Having a problem with gays also doesn't help you.Many people "screw" themse... Read More »

How to Look like Miley Cyrus?

Miley is an international icon. She is the fashion idol for many American teens. She is pretty with a cute girl next door look while still being very fashionable. Use her look to inspire yours. Wit... Read More »

If you were Miley Cyrus!?

lmao i would make her the WORST role model for a day and run butt naked down the street to make sure she gets arrseted =)I know I am soo smart!!!