Migraine worries help?

Answer As mentioned, acupuncture is very good. You really don't have to suffer a lifetime of this as it can be easily cured with alternative therapies. I treat a lot of migraine sufferers with excellent r... Read More »

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Dentist worries. Can you help me?

i want to become a dentist. and if i was to do this. and i knew how you felt i would be as gentle as i could possibly be. although if it was me, i dont think i would want to do it all at once? you ... Read More »

Pubic hair worries... help?

If you don't shave/trim them then yes they will keep growing right down your legs.I have been shaving mine now for 6 years and have to do them everyday because they start to grow bak so fast :oI le... Read More »

Post Arthroscopic Meniscectomy Problems & Worries.. Need help & answers.?

Popping and snapping within the knee is common, and often not a symptom of any particular problem. When the pops are painless, there is usually no problem, but painful pops and snaps should be eval... Read More »

Migraine help?

I know that others asked if your son has had MRI's of the brain and possibly the neck. Has he seen a neurologist or just a pediatrician? I have had migraines since I was a 14 and that was 40 years ... Read More »