Migraine sufferers,do you use daily medication to prevent headaches?

Answer I have had severe Migraines for almost 20 years - and have tried JUST about everything. The only thing that worked for ME, was Topamax as a daily preventative. But there were side effects that th... Read More »

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What is the best daily migraine medication out there?

Each person who gets recurrent headaches is different. There is no one best medicine, if there was there would only be one medicine and we would prescribe it for all the patients.Usually the first... Read More »

How to Heal and Prevent Migraine Headaches?

A headache is pain experienced around the head, outside of the cranium. Most headaches involve pulsating pains or throbbing. Migraines involve not just head pain, but also nausea, vomiting, sensiti... Read More »

What causes migraine headaches?

Oh, the many causes.. Diet/Allergy: Many foods can trigger migraines. We hear about this all the time. Wines, aged cheeses, and chocolate being the most popular culprits. What is not often talked a... Read More »

Migraine headaches?

I get migraines all the time and over the counter meds don't help at all. You have to go to the doctor and get a prescription for migraine medicine. The doctor will also make sure that they are ... Read More »