Might need knee sugery I would like to know what will happen?

Answer Hi Amber,Do you mean what happens during the MRI or during the surgery? For the MRI: Wear athletic type shorts, a sports bra, and a tshirt. Don't wear anything metal including earrings. You'll get ... Read More »

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I would like to buy truck load of good stuff does anyone know wherer i might find some?

well I recently came into a load of girl scout cookies that fell off a truck in KY, you interested?sorry Syd I got your cookies!

What would happen if I didn't follow doctor's orders for my knee brace?

You know what the answer is, you could mess up your knew worse than it is now. Are you just asking so if someone says "oh you'll be ok", then you aren't, you will have someone to blame? I know th... Read More »

You are 36 weeks and might have a water infection what will happen?

Answer You might go into preterm labor. Not too serious for the baby at this stage, but get it treated as it may go up to your kidneys which could be serious for you.

Name some different utilities that might or might not be covered in a person's rent payment How would you know whether these expenses are paid by the landlord or the tenant?

look at the rental contract or lease papers. the utility responsibilities should be listed there. many times garbage, water and sewer are included in rent. typically utilities such as electricity, ... Read More »