Might get braces, how long will i have them?

Answer normally its 2 years. theres is an easier and more cost efficient solution to fix a tooth gap problem. you will only wear it for 30 days and your gap will close. try orthofill bands. check out thei... Read More »

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How long do you have to wear braces to fix a gap in your teeth and is there anything else that will fix them?

AnswerHow long depends on lots of things, but 2 years is average. Althought if a gap is the only thing that needs "fixed", it will probably be much shorter. You could also possibly have the gap fix... Read More »

How long do braces hurt When will I get used to them?

MWAHAHA I JUST GOT FREED FROM THAT HELL! I GOT MINE OFF YESTERDAY!and they stop after a few days, you would be surprised at how fast you will, however if you have rubberbands connecting your top te... Read More »

How long after getting impressions for braces will I get them on?

For me after I got my impressions they will tell you when to come back for an appointment. During that appointment they will tell you all the things they will need to do for your teeth. Then all yo... Read More »

How long will I have my braces?

usually braces take from 2-4 years with about 2 years of retainers. Maybe (depending how crooked you teeth are) 2-3 and a half years.