Middle School Science Fair Plant Projects?

Answer Plant projects are popular at science fairs because many factors can be tested on plants. These projects are all safe for the experimenter, if not for the plant. As always, have a clear question in... Read More »

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How to Win Science Fair Projects in Middle School?

The annual science fair is a popular middle-school tradition and many students try to put together that one experiement guaranteed to trump the competition. As you or prepare to make an experiment ... Read More »

Middle School Science Fair Projects I Could Do?

Middle school science fair projects should be advanced enough for fifth, sixth and seventh graders, but simple enough that the student can complete the project with no or minimal assistance from pa... Read More »

Middle School Science Fair Projects With Dry Ice?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. At -78.5 degrees Celsius, dry ice is colder than regular ice. Unlike water ice, dry ice goes from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid in a process called s... Read More »

Science Fair Projects with Music in Middle School?

Science fair projects are an opportunity for students to take some area of science they find personally interesting and explore it with a well-researched in-depth project. For middle school student... Read More »