Middle School Project: Organizing Time?

Answer Many people, including middle-school students, have problems with time-management. Developing a good time-organizing project for a middle-school class requires you to practice what you preach: you ... Read More »

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How to Do a Fun Middle School Project?

Some middle school students loathe completing projects; however, in many cases, students can make these projects fun and turn the process of completion into a decidedly more enjoyable experience. I... Read More »

Middle School Art Project Ideas?

Teaching art at the middle school level is exciting because the students are just becoming able to execute more difficult techniques than the rudimentary skills. Middle school art projects are desi... Read More »

Middle School Revolutionary War Project Ideas?

The Revolutionary War was a defining period in American history. During this time, America proclaimed, and ultimately won, its independence from the British. When teaching about this exciting perio... Read More »

Project Ideas for Middle School Math?

Mathematics education has experienced many changes, from focusing on teacher-directed activities to being more teacher-facilitated. Projects are examples of problem-based learning, which has proven... Read More »