Middle School Mathematics Projects on Matrices?

Answer Matrices are rectangular sets of numbers that are used to express the fact that there is often more than one solution to a real-world problem. Rather than just use one number in an equation, a matr... Read More »

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Styles & Strategies for Teaching Middle School Mathematics?

Middle school math students learn everything from algebra to fractions. Since they are more capable of paying attention and listening to lectures than younger children, middle school children can b... Read More »

War Projects for Middle School?

In middle school, children are entering an age where they can think more critically and analytically than in elementary school. Understanding and exploring history through stimulating projects is a... Read More »

Projects for Middle School?

When you are teaching a middle school class, regardless of the topic, an engaging break from everyday homework can be to assign special projects to your students. Projects compel your students to t... Read More »

Middle School Teeth Projects?

To teach students about dental structure and health, assign them a project based around their pearly whites. Focus the project on healthy eating and drinking habits or on correct tooth cleaning, en... Read More »