Middle School Math Activities on Symmetry?

Answer When an image has two sections that mirror each other, the image has symmetry. One could draw a line between the two portions, and both sides would look identical. Symmetry is an important concept ... Read More »

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Elementary School Math Activities On Symmetry?

Objects with symmetry have two congruent (identical shape and size) sides. These objects have a line of symmetry, where for every point on one side of the line there is a corresponding point on the... Read More »

Fun Math Activities for the Middle School?

Mathematics is a core subject at school, and forms the basis of a lifelong skill which is essential to everyday life. Despite its importance, maths is often found to be boring by students, and teac... Read More »

First Day Activities for Middle School Math?

Many school children have the jitters when it comes to the first day of middle school as they are introduced to new classmates, a new teacher and new subjects to study. While math may not be the po... Read More »

Math Remediation Activities for Middle School?

While math comes easily to many students, others struggle with learning the subject in traditional ways. Students who are exceptionally challenged by math benefit from assistance that is tailored t... Read More »