Middle School Halloween Graphing Activities?

Answer For most students, Halloween brings up thoughts of candy, trick-or-treating, costumes and maybe a spooky party. Whether your students still enjoy trick-or-treating, walking through a haunted house,... Read More »

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Fun Graphing Activities for Middle School?

Graphing activities for middle school can include data that students compile by observing their daily lives and habits. Color markers and pencils help make a visually pleasing introduction to the p... Read More »

Velocity & Graphing Activities for Middle School?

Velocity, often equated with speed in middle school, is defined as the change in distance of a moving object divided by the change in time. High school teachers instruct students on the physics con... Read More »

Halloween Party Activities for Middle School?

It's important to know the appropriate type of party to throw for an age group, especially when it comes to Halloween, a holiday that can be frightening. Middle school children are at a transitiona... Read More »

Middle School Math Activities for Halloween?

No matter what age, students love Halloween. Intigrating the holiday into a classroom lesson is easy and gives children break from a traditional lesson plan. Middle school Halloween math activities... Read More »