Middle School Ecology Projects?

Answer "Project based science promote(s) positive change in students' ideas about science classes, attitudes about science and motivation for studying science," according to a "Journal of Science Educatio... Read More »

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War Projects for Middle School?

In middle school, children are entering an age where they can think more critically and analytically than in elementary school. Understanding and exploring history through stimulating projects is a... Read More »

Projects for Middle School?

When you are teaching a middle school class, regardless of the topic, an engaging break from everyday homework can be to assign special projects to your students. Projects compel your students to t... Read More »

Rocket Projects for Middle School?

Hands-on rocket projects and experiments can teach the principles of physics and chemistry to middle-school students. Rocket projects can demonstrate pressure, Newton's Laws of Motion and the diffe... Read More »

Progressive Era Projects for Middle School?

The Progressive Era was a time when a movement for more government and regulations began in America, and there are several projects that will help students better understand what it was like during... Read More »