Middle School Activities With Decimals & Fractions?

Answer Each state department of education publishes performance standards for middle-school mathematics, and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) certifies teachers' proficiency with decimals and fractio... Read More »

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Math Activities or Manipulatives for Fractions, Decimals & Percents?

Knowledge of mathematics is an important component to every child's scholastic, and later life-long, success. Everyday applications of math skills help us to budget money, solve problems, manage ti... Read More »

How to Convert Fractions Into Decimals?

Learning to convert fractions into decimals provides you with a tool you can use often. Turn a fraction into a percentage to help clarify amounts, or make and record more precise measurements. This... Read More »

How to Rename Fractions to Decimals?

Renaming fractions to decimals is also known as converting a fraction to a decimal. To do this, you need to perform simple division. When you have a fraction, the numerator is the number on the top... Read More »

How to Learn Decimals & Fractions?

Fractions and decimals are crucial basic math skills that can easily be learned in a few steps. A fraction is a part of whole and is expressed as one number above another, separated by a horizontal... Read More »