Middle Eastern Grocery Stores in Westchester, NY?

Answer There doesn't seem to be anything conveniently close by.…The easiest thing to do is to call a couple of Middle Eastern restaurants, explain what you need a... Read More »

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What grocery stores are in san diego?

Pretty much all of the National Stores, plus quite a few local and ethnic ones. Here is the list.…

Can I work for two grocery stores at the same time?

What an ambitious proposition.I wonder if the stores would fear that you'd gain too much grocery knowledge and destroy both grocery chains.

Can you buy agave nectar in grocery stores?

Agave nectar is often sold in grocery stores, as well as in many health food stores. Agave nectar is a natural sweetener typically found in the baking section and is available in three forms: amber... Read More »

How do bar codes at grocery stores work?

Grocery stores rely on bar codes to provide customers with quicker trips through checkout lines, scanning labels with electronic codes directly into store computers.Bar CodeMerriam-Webster's Dicti... Read More »