Mic/webcam for skype,online games and youtube?

Answer I have a Logitech Webcam C110 that has pretty good quality. I picked it up for $20 at Walmart. It has a built in microphone, too, and it's also a good mic - very sensitive, moderately high quality.

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What's games should I play on my YouTube gaming channel?

Do the Big games:MinecraftSlender for ComedyFifaCodHaloAlso try to do more videos when your channels bigger on newly released games Such as The Walking Dead.

Would you guys want to see me in youtube videos about reviewing games and playing them too.?

Depending on what urfilming and your filming quality,and your personality.

What would be a good camera for video games I want to make youtube walkthroughs?

Get the Kodak PlaySport Zx3, it's a Consumer Reports recommended choice. Good quality pic and easy on the checking account.The Kodak Play Sport Zx3 is easy to use, has a very good display, and take... Read More »

10 POINTS! How good is this laptop for watching youtube vids and playing flash games and also recording them?

For playing games 4 out of 10. For watching videos on youtube 7-10 the processor is not good this computer will crash after 2 months, the brand is also bad, i recommend you to look for a toshiba, d... Read More »