Microsporum Ringworm?

Answer Microsporum ringworm, a fungus that causes a skin infection called ringworm, can pass from animals to people. Characterized by skin lesions and, typically, small scaly patches that do not always fo... Read More »

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What is the cause of a ringworm type rash if not ringworm?

A ringworm (tinea) rash is usually red, bumpy, scaly and occurs in patches that may or may not be circular. If the rash is not ringworm (caused by fungus), then many other conditions could be the ... Read More »

Ringworm in the Ear?

Anything that causes your cat discomfort will worry you as the owner. If your cat has contracted the fungus known as ringworm, she may get painful sores on her sensitive ears. As her owner, it fall... Read More »

Ringworm in Bulldogs?

Bulldogs must contend with a variety of possible health conditions, and skin issues are a primary problem. One of the skin problems that commonly plagues bulldogs is ringworm. Ringworm commonly app... Read More »

Who discovered the ringworm?

Hungarian physician David Gruby discovered microsporum audouini, the fungus that causes ringworm, in 1843.SourceWho Named It: David Gruby