Microsoft word double spaced?

Answer Double spaced is looks similar to thisbut you wouldn't hit return. It is in your options. It makes it easier for your teacher to read.paragraph---> line spacing ---> DOUBLE

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What does double-spaced mean?

"Double-spaced" is the term most educators use to describe a paper formatted so a blank line appears between each line of text. For teachers reading a large number of academic papers, double-spacin... Read More »

How wide is double spaced?

Double-spaced typing and writing does not have a fixed width. Instead, it means that each line of text is vertically separated by a blank line of equal width. Thus, the width of double-spacing depe... Read More »

Is an abstract double-spaced in APA format?

An abstract written in APA format is double-spaced. Do not indent the paragraph, which should be headed with the word "Abstract" centered on the page. The abstract is ideally one paragraph of 150 t... Read More »

How to Double Space on Microsoft Word 2008?

Microsoft Word is one of the most widely used word processing programs. The 2008 version was developed solely for the Macintosh operating system, and gives users of all skill levels the ability to ... Read More »